Your reliable partner

HUTH INTERNATIONAL COM – a good place to turn to for an international trade agent in trade between East and West

The world-wide business relations of HUTH INTERNATIONAL COM have grown over many years, which makes us a reliable partner in opening up new markets. Renowned companies such as Siemens, Bosch, Hilti or Iveco, Delphi, Tyco etc. rely on our experience in international marketing of their quality products.

Customers abroad profit from our comprehensive service, attractive prices and delivery conditions. Starting from your product enquiry via contract handling to reliable delivery, we take complete care of your order.

Large Partner Network

HUTH INTERNATIONAL COM has more than 250 suppliers at its disposal world-wide, in a great variety of product categories. Our large network of partners makes it easier for us to keep to the delivery dates you require.

Concerning product tracking, we keep you updated about the transport status, so you have a realistic time corridor in which to plan further dispatch or processing. This enables you to react at an early stage in case of unexpected delays – and you can also rely on us to make every effort to ensure timely delivery. Dependability for production by means of continuous information – ensured by HUTH INTERNATIONAL COM, your international trade agent.

Best Possible Conditions

Our independence is one of our strengths: we have no obligations to sell you specific things. It is our task to obtain the products you want at the best possible conditions and to guarantee timely delivery to our trade partners in Eastern Europe. We make your interests our own, so we can provide the very best you can get.

Our strengths come into play not only in procurement – we also give you support in communication, in three languages: German, English and Russian. This way, avoidable misunderstandings can be ruled out.

Our services: regarding logistics, we only cooperate with respectable haulage contractors such as Immotrans, so the delivery chain is secure at every stage. We inform the hauler at what time they can pick up the goods and we prepare the export documents. Meanwhile, the hauler can declare the goods with customs on our behalf. We check the customs tariff number to avoid any delays during export.

Do you have questions or require further information? Please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

reliable, efficient, fast – your international trading agent

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, our company no longer trades with the Russian Federation.