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We help you clear obstacles in international trade

Simple solutions for complicated procedures – provided by HUTH INTERNATIONAL COM, your international trade agent with a focus on Eastern Europe

You might ask yourself: Why do I need HUTH INTERNATIONAL COM e.K. as my international trade agent if I could easily contact a manufacturer myself?

We have the answer to your question: You will not get what you want like this, because in most cases, the manufacturers will tell you to approach their distribution partners or sales agents. And once you have cleared that obstacle, the next problems are on the horizon: you will require export documents, but do you know which ones and how to fill them out? Are you familiar with customs formalities? Do you know how to provide the required documentation?

Years of experience

Eastern European importers, traders and trade agencies profit from a trade partner with experience in these matters, who knows all about the legal and logistical procedures outside your own country: HUTH INTERNATIONAL COM e.K.

Our services are not only about

  • customs clearance, but also extend to
  • applicable laws, and
  • documentation obligations,
  • handling, as well as
  • timely delivery and to
  • communication with suppliers and continuous information to the customer in case any delays should happen.

Do you have questions or require more information? Please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

reliable, efficient, fast – your international trading agent.

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, our company no longer trades with the Russian Federation.