A strong partner for handling and contract processing

As an international trade company, we are the ideal partner for traders and trading agencies in Eastern Europe – from product search to delivery. As your go-between for trading partners and suppliers, we take care that international trade deals are handled smoothly.

Large pool of suppliers

Most of our trading partners know precisely what they want when they approach us. You specify the exact product you require for your customers.

It is our task then as your international trade agent to find the suitable supplier who can provide the product in the required units – at the optimal price.

Our service: among our large pool of suppliers, we quickly find the appropriate product and the best offer for your needs, and ensure an integrated delivery chain.

Smooth Contract Processing

Relying on our international-level knowledge of the industries in many product categories, we obtain offers from the major manufacturers. In cooperation with distributors, we ensure that delivery is made.

Due to our experience in the field of logistics and good relations to suppliers, we are in the position to take care of contract handling, from selecting the right haulage contractor to customs clearance for the goods. We draw up the export documentation, obtain the documents for export and handle customs clearance up to EU export control. We take charge of the customs declaration. The customs tariff number already indicates that we only trade in products not subject to any export restrictions.

Safe negotiations in three languages

The way in which we provide our services rules out any misunderstandings – from consultation to completion, our staff are at your service in three languages: we are proficient in German, English and Russian.

We react promptly to your enquiries. Delivery dates are checked continuously by us to avoid any delays. In the event that it is impossible to prevent delays, we always keep you updated and make every effort to speed up delivery if required.

A further advantage to our trading partners, both traders and suppliers: as your go-between, we ensure reliable transfer of money.

Do you have questions or require further information? Then please contact us, and we will gladly answer your enquiry.

reliable, efficient, fast – your international trading agent.

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, our company no longer trades with the Russian Federation.